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Respectable Slovenian Packaging Printer, Omicron, Install Highest Automated Large Format Press

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

One of the biggest producers of folding cartons in Slovenia, Omicron d.o.o., has chosen Manroland Sheetfed as its partner for their most recent purchase, a ROLAND 905 LV, 5-color press with coating in B0 (6B) format.

This is Omicron's fifth purchase of sheetfed presses from Manroland.

Core make-ready processes like plate exchange, blanket washing, and impression cylinder cleaning are now simultaneous thanks to Manroland's simultaneous automation. Production changeover is accomplished by Autoprint's make-ready function in less than 4 minutes.

The ROLAND InlineColorPilot is regarded as the market leader in terms of speed and precision when measuring and controlling colors because it has been thoroughly tested in the large format and 3B format industries. Without stopping the press to remove the sheets for inspection, the module monitors and controls ink density during the job run. Thus, from the first approved sheet to the last one in the pile, consistent print quality is maintained. Complete print run documentation has additional advantages, including being the ideal digital tool for quality control and aiding in the investigation and resolution of customer complaints.

Omicron's CEO, Mr. Gregor Lebeninik, said:

"We are pleased to collaborate with Manroland once more. We have more opportunities for large capacity printing thanks to this new BO format press, which also offers the best print quality. The design of the machine is extremely ergonomic and user-friendly. In the current difficult economic climate, investing in a machine this size always carries some risk, but we are confident that the new investment will help us manage those risks and boost our economy.

The domestic market is not very large, but we are pleased to note an increase in export orders, which has led to a large number of new satisfied clients. We are anticipating the future and the potential for additional investment in cutting-edge technology ".

Mario Barii, Manroland Adriatic's managing director:

"We are happy that Omicron is satisfied with our large format press solution and with the efficient way their fully trained staff is utilizing these highly automated integrated systems in their daily production. Smaller markets, like the Adriatic, do not typically operate such large format machines, but Omicron's optimistic and forward-thinking management has demonstrated they can use our technology successfully with increased productivity. We eagerly anticipate the upcoming challenge ".

You can find out more about the attainable, Manroland’s Machine by clicking this link.

You can buy ROLAND 900 machine system from Dynagraph.


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