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Pre-Print Solutions

At the forefront of innovation in pre-press, Dynagraph works with global providers of desktop publishing to high-end systems like Kodak for standard and custom-made hardware and software to supply clients with the best in design, text and image input, colour management workflow, retouching, assembly and pagination, output, colour proofing, imposition, pre-flight checking and PDF workflow.

Dynagraph actively helps clients streamline operations by empowering them with the latest in connectivity and integration software.

Computer to Plate (CTP) Systems

We have options from ESKO and Kodak

Select whether you are looking for Offset or Flexo CTP Systems below


Plate Line Equipment

Find complete solutions for both Offset and Flexo Plate line systems here.

Kodak P-HD Thermal plate processors.jpg


We have every software package for your needs.

Choose between workflow or packaging software.

software image.jpg
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