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Installation and Project Management

A professional installation is the key for the transition from investment into revenues. Our region wide network of engineers and technicians ensures that this transition takes place in the smoothest and most efficient way – either by our own factory trained engineers or by manufacturer’s personnel under our Project Management.

Contact us for more details.


Highly trained personnel is the essence of operating and maintaining your equipment in the most efficient way and avoid downtimes and expenses caused by mishandling. Decades ago a joint venture between Dynagraph and manroland pioneered the way of providing training locally through the “MAN Roland Technology Transfer Center”. We developed it further and for all our products. Since then hundreds of customers have upgraded their knowledge through our various trainings provided. Whether the initial training during installation of new equipment or refreshment courses along the life cycle of your machines – we have it all covered.

Contact us for your training needs or let us asses your personnel to provide a bespoke training plan.

After Sales Service

The key factors of reliability of your equipment are quality of materials, regular maintenance and efficiency of after sales service. Our region wide network of highly qualified field service engineers ranges from mechanical engineers via electronic engineers up to highly specialized application engineers. From hardware to software we have it all covered by our manufacturer certified teams. Dynagraph provides the full range of “on call” services - but only in combination with a preventive maintenance program you will have the extra coverage which gives you the edge over your competitors.


Contact us for your service requests.

Preventive Maintenance

Every stoppage of your equipment means interruption of your production flow, loss of revenue and unhappy customers.

Preventive maintenance by professionals is the best (and only) way to keep your equipment at highest availability level and your maintenance and repair costs under control.

A Preventive Maintenance Contract ensures that your equipment, old or new, is always in a mint condition.

Some of the key points of a Preventive Maintenance Contract with Dynagraph:

  • Dedicated hotline for 24/7 support

  • Prioritized engineers assignment

  • Access to the network of highly trained and qualified engineers across the MENA region

  • Regular preventive maintenance based on manufacturers specification by certified engineers

  • Genuine spare parts at special rates

  •  Regular Service reports, maintenance advice and parts recommendation

  • Machine certification for maintenance period

Contact us for your bespoke Preventive Maintenance Contract

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