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Both offset and flexo printing solutions require a wide range of post-print, converting, and packaging solutions. These include bookbinding, folding, cutting, lamination, die-cutting, embossing, carton folding, cold foil, hot foil, box erecting, and window patching. 


Our partnerships with some of the biggest names in the industry, companies such as Kolbus, Meccanotecnica, MBO, Hohner, and Perfecta, give our clients access to the equipment and consumables they will need.

For the publications industry, we offer hard and soft cover binding, folding and laminating equipment, top-notch book sewing machines and systems, and offline and inline stitching lines. For the newspaper industry, we offer conveying, bundling, inserting, winding, stitching and/or trimming, and modular concepts with a high level of integration by FERAG.

Board Cutting

Take a look at our range of board cutting machinery.

1 Kolbus - Rotary Board Cutter PK

Case Making

Discover our selection of case making line equipment.

3 Kolbus - Casemaker DA 260.jpg

Sheet Cutting Solutions

Browse our wide assortment of guillotines, cutting solutions and accompanying line equipment.

full line.jpg

Finishing & Binding Solutions

The wide range of machines satisfies any type of finishing (die-cutting, cutting, splitting, drilling, punching, round corner, notching, etc.) for the processing of different products.

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