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Working at Dynagraph

Dynagraph recognizes the value of human capital, seeing it as the key to achieving excellence and competitive advantage. Talent, innovation, commitment, loyalty and passion are key factors in the success of not just single individuals but of the overall organization, those are the drivers of future growth and development.

At Dynagraph we are morally bound by our business, our interaction with customers and partners as well as other stakeholders. We therefore place great emphasis on people. A lot of attention is dedicated to the personnel selection process, as we want to find people who share our mission and our values for a better integration. We seek candidates that are team-oriented, fast-thinking, young, flexible, willing to take calculated risks, however those have to be considerate, committed, loyal and not place their individual needs before those of other team members.

We encourage each and everyone of you who believes he has what it takes to play a determining role in the future of our organization to apply by sending his resume and a passport size picture to

Alternatively, please see our LinkedIn page for our current job postings.

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