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Films & Adhesives

In addition to BOPP thermal and cold film for the lamination of books, brochures, swatches, posters, paper bags or packaging for foods and medicines, Dynagraph also supplies heat sealable and plain BOPP films for everyday flexible packaging needs. Whether it’s regular corona treated BOPET films or special chemically-coated BOPET films for high laminate bond strength, we cover all your needs.

In the fast-growing flexible packaging industry, different films and adhesives play a vital role in ensuring that packed products remain intact. At Dynagraph, our technical team is able to identify which type of film and adhesive is best suited for your job. We also offer high barrier films like metallized BOPP, BOPETfilms, PVDC coated films and Alox coated films.

Dynagraph carries a wide range of adhesives, both hot melt and water-based, for the robust and reliable packaging of everything from small, intricate cartons to heavy-duty wraparound cases. Our adhesives work on all types of paper, board and plastic.

Hot melt adhesives offer superior strength in all bookbinding applications, from spine to side gluing, and bond even the most difficult paper stock. Hot melt also meets most bottling and labelling needs. We also carry a range of innovative hot melt adhesives for use with non-woven, disposable products, the single largest area of the adhesive’s use, worldwide.

Water-based and solvent-free adhesives are available as an environmentally friendly, low migration alternative in food packaging. Water-based adhesives are best for film to print applications where extreme fold, crease and emboss resistance is required.

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