Becoming a Partner

We understand that driving growth means working closely with leading industry partners. We welcome working with new contributor as long as the partnership is mutually beneficial and provided that new agreements do not conflict with existing ones.


New partners should express the same level of commitment and share the same long-term vision. 


Find out more about our partnerships here.

Our Partners
Signage and Graphics

HP, EFI, DOCAN, Klieverik, Fotoba, ESKO, ONYX, CALDERA, Optivision, Optidesign

3D Printing

HP MJF, AON3D, EinScan, DREMEL DIGILAB, materialize, 3DXL


Manroland Sheetfed, Manroland Webfed, Kolbus, MBO, VEGA, Theisen & Bonitz, Kallfass, Autobond, Eltosch grafix, FERAG, Lamiroll, Lamina SYSTEM, Optima, Gaemmerler, CMC, Glunz&Jenzen, EGGEN, Heiber+Schroeder, Meccanotecnica, Manugraph, IBF, RENZ, Hohner, QuadTech, Teufelberger, PERFECTA, Flint Group, Kodak, Lasercomb, Mark Andy, DuPont, ESKO, Optipack, Biesse, Canon, Multigraf, mamo, Vivid, Tecnau, Grafcut, Petratto, postdi.

Films & Adhesives

BeardowAdams, Paniker, Bostik, Lamiroll, KDX