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Large Format Printing Solutions

Dynagraph brings you the latest large format printing machinery, supplies and materials. You’ll be able to create crisp and clear prints featuring great detail and print in high volumes at a rapid pace.

Roll to Roll

These printers, available in widths from 1.6m to 5.2m, can print on a variety of flexible media such as vinyl, fabric and films.

DOCAN S3200-01.jpg


Flatbed printers print by moving over the media, rather than moving the media itself.  They are preferred by signage manufacturers that print on metal and glass because they are favourable for printing on heavier, rigid panels.

EFI PRO 30f-100.jpg


Hybrid printers, available in widths from 1.6m to 5m, can print both flexible roll to roll media and rigid panels by using a vacuum conveyor belt that moves the panels through the printer.

DOCAN FR3210T-100.jpg

Fabric & Textiles

Whilst UV led and latex printers can print textiles for soft signage, the dye sublimation printers here produce full ink penetration by using pressure and heat, meaning that printed fabric can be safely washed. This is ideal for flags, soft signage, home decor and clothing.

EFI Vutek Fabrivu 520-100.jpg
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