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Doesn’t Matter Whether Long Runs or Short Runs.

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

At JKK Pack they manage both!

The versatility of SOMA presses has helped them establish a solid reputation for being equally productive for long runs as they are for smaller jobs. JKK Pack has discovered that their SOMA Optima2 press can print a wide range of jobs and materials.

The plates can be mounted quickly and easily, and there is little waste between jobs. That gives us a competitive edge over the competition.

JKK Pack (, a young, global company with its headquarters in Mexico City, specializes in flexible packaging for the food sector. They focus on providing top-notch materials on time and at competitive prices. Their staff is knowledgeable about heat-shrink bags and offers a variety of other goods at the best prices available. On these materials, they can also print premium graphics in up to eight different colors. They customize their offerings to meet the needs, demands, and requirements of their customers.

Owner of JKK Pack José Kuri says, "We are very focused on fresh and processed foods, including meat, cheese, and seafood." We focus on packaging that requires short runs or a certain level of expertise, both of which we can provide as an added benefit, in addition to large packaging orders.

The company JKK Pack is a recent one. "While we are moving in the right direction, our company faces the challenge of maintaining its direction. Large orders are always appealing, but we focused on value-added packaging when we first started our company. This is how we can set ourselves apart from the competition, says Kuri. To expand into flexography, JKK Pack sought out the most adaptable press they could find.

In particular when using High-Definition plates, the SOMA Optima2 press's unique Advanced Bounce Control System keeps jobs consistent at rapid press speeds. Additionally, it can guarantee that the press maintains firm, exceptional-registered highlight dots. For registration and impression settings, the press uses the one-of-a-kind ARUN off-line solution, which combines the capabilities of a plate mounter with a fully automated device for plate topography and registration measurement. The data is read when the sleeve is positioned on the press, and the registration and impression pressure are then set automatically.

What have JKK discovered to be the SOMA Optima2 press's top benefits after several months of production? According to Kuri, "The SOMA flexo press is a fairly sophisticated device because it is prepared for both large jobs at 500 revolutions per minute (roughly 500 meters/minute) and jobs that can be changed with quick makereadies." Therefore, it perfectly satisfies the wide range of needs of JKK Pack.

"Our SOMA press's price/quality ratio was very appealing; we found significant savings compared to what we found with other presses," Kuri continues. "However, the SOMA press is actually at least as strong as its rivals. Although there is intense competition among press manufacturers, I would say that SOMA is a top producer of flexographic presses.

For several months, JKK Pack has been using their SOMA Optima2 press. "The mounting of the plates is simple and quick, and there is little waste between jobs. That gives us an edge over our rivals in the marketplace, says Kuri. "We quickly became comfortable using the press, and it is very simple to use. We are all new to flexography, so it didn't take us long to pick it up and get used to it. And the SOMA flexo press jobs we've run have been excellent.

JKK doesn't set daily or weekly production goals because the product mix really dictates how much is produced. "We could have jobs that weigh between 4 and 5 tons and those that weigh about 50 kg. When necessary, the machine had to be quick and adaptable, but it also needed to be able to switch jobs quickly, according to Kuri.

Kuri has also expressed her appreciation for the SOMA service. "We think JKK Pack and SOMA are both family-owned businesses. It is simple for us to ask them a question and receive a prompt response. We appreciate the company's lack of bureaucracy very much. With SOMA, communication is very simple, says Kuri.

"We are looking for barrier materials with a strong commitment to recycling in the future. We wish to aid the entire world. We want to provide substrates that don't pollute and are less contaminated. Additionally, we are aware that these new substrates can be printed on by SOMA's presses," Kuri adds. Without a doubt, if we needed a new press right now, we wouldn't consider any other supplier besides SOMA.

For more information on SOMA Press Machines, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.


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