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4D Additive

Intelligent 2D and 3D nesting capabilities with multiprocessor computation ensures fast automatic fill up with optimal build volume utilization for all machine types available in the database, as well as for customized machine types. The extremely quick nesting function of 4D_Additive uses a superfast multiprocessing and provides a maximum of automation.

Especially for powder bed processes, such as HP MultiJet Fusion, fully automatic nesting offers great benefits, by eliminating time-consuming manual work is reflected in the price of the parts. The user can specify the respective number of parts as well as a minimum distance. The construction volume is then filled automatically, so that an optimized number of components is accommodated on the platform.

The relative density of the installation space is predefined in favor of a sensible heat management in order to optimize quality and costs. Here, large parts can also be positioned by manually and then automatically add a large number of smaller components. For the manual arrangement of the components in the build space, the system offers a collision check that reliably indicates if parts touch each other or fall below the desired minimum distance.


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