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3D Printing Solutions

Find the latest in 3D Printing machinery, supplies and materials. Here at Dynagraph


Ideal for: Functional and dimensionally accurate parts, Low volume production.

HP Multi Jet Fusion technology enables the production of functional parts, up to 10 times faster at the lowest cost and with no trade-offs in the process.

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Ideal for: Specialist engineering solutions, High temperature requirements.

Capable of printing High-temperature Thermoplastics. This means stronger more functional parts with a high weight to strength ratio.

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Nexa 3D

Ideal for: Prototyping, Low Volume Production, Versatile Material Options.

With Nexa3D’s breakthrough 3D printing technology, you can afford to produce parts on-demand and in the exact quantities you need them, when you need them. Featuring print speeds exponentially faster than the traditional SLA and DLP-based technologies, more powerful print engine, and larger build volume, Nexa3D printers deliver previously unattainable production capabilities for industrial users.


Sintratec 3D

Ideal for: Prototyping, Low Volume Production, Industrial Applications.

The Sintratec All-Material Platform is our new additive manufacturing solution. In a world first, the AMP scales from prototyping to production and enables processing of all its materials on the same production line.



Ideal for: Post Processing SLS, MJF, SAF Technology Parts.

We are the global leader in post-processing solutions for industrial polymer 3D-printing that turns 3D-printed raw parts into high-value products. From perfect fit eyewear to personalized car interiors, our technology makes 3D-printed products become a part of our everyday life. 


Schmitt Ultraschall

Ideal for: Dyeing.

Dyeing 3D prints is a new area we are currently working on. The ultrasound supports the adhesion of the ink pigments on the surface. The continuous compression and decompression results in intense pressure variation (up to 1000 bar), which leads to strong currents in the micro level and therefore to a brush-effect, which removes air bubbles and dust particles from the surface of the parts structure. According tests with MJF, PA, ABS and SLA parts were very satisfying.

To dye 3D-parts we offer three system types:

  1. Solo-Systems with just one basin for dyeing

  2. Duo-Systems with two basins (dyeing and rinsing)

  3. Trio-Systems with three basins (dyeing, rinsing and drying)

  4. (Alternatively with two basins for different dyes and one rinsing basin in the centre)



Ideal for: Additive Manufacturing, Manufacturing Execution System

Expanding your AM production begins with the right software solution. Whether SaaS or on-premise, our flexible, agile solutions give you the security you need to scale your operations and meet the increasing demand for AM.

Manufacturers across industries are already using AMFG to manage their tooling, end-part and prototyping production.


4D Additive

Ideal for: File Fixing, Build Preparation, Machine Connectivity & Customer Analytics, Enabling Lattice & Structure Design.

The innovative 4D_Additive Manufacturing Software Suite sets new standards. Now for the first time 3D models from all common CAD formats can be read and prepared for additive manufacturing processes directly as an exact, intelligent and light B-Rep geometry.

The CAD models optimized for 3D printing and nested on the build plates can be saved in all common formats such as amf, 3mf and STL as well as in common slicing formats cli, sli, abf, svg, sls, usf and g-code.

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