3DXL is a large format 3D printing solution provider for visual communication which target the advertising, retail, events, entertainment, interior design and architectural sectors.

The company’s solutions enable through gel dispensing printing technology a rapid and cost-effective production of super-sized, eye-catching 3D signage and displays. This enables print services and visual communication producers to expand their business offering.

3D XL 1750

The 3DXL 1750 offers enhanced performance, flexibility, control and variable resolutions combining strength and quality. Operators can predefine variable resolutions for cost efficiency. Enjoy a user-friendly interface, advanced slicing algorithms, and remote monitoring and operations.

No. of print heads 
Printing speed
Print quality    
Maximum print volume 
Integrated software
Remote control via tablet

300mm per sec linear speed
Layer thickness from 0,7 to 1.3mm
Photopolymeric acrylic gel    


Produces finished objects that are lightweight and durable

High viscosity parameters enable to produce non-vertical parts, tops, ceilings and more without the need for printing support structures

UV sensitive properties enable rapid layering and rapid curing using low energy UV light

Curing speed delivers “ ready” objects right off the printer. No post-curing or post processing is required

The final printed object is highly receptive to multiple types of finishes

How it works - Video

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