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This year, the Postpress Aliance Days took place for the second time. The event was held in two parts: From November 16 to 19, 2021, the Alliance Partners presented their machines live in Solms at baumannperfecta within the framework of an open house. The second part of the event took place on November 30, 2021 and December 1, 2021 as a virtual VIP event via live video transmission.

By the combination of attended and virtual event, many interested customers could be reached. Particularly those participants who could not travel to the Open House in Solms due to the Corona restrictions took the opportunity to find out about the innovations of the Alliance partners in an online meeting. For this, individual appointments were arranged. Every interested customer received a very personal machine demonstration, thus giving them the opportunity to get answers to specific questions. The participants of the virtual event came from Germany and neighbouring countries, as well as from Asia, Australia, South America, and the USA. The Open House in Solms was also well received. Most of the visitors came from Germany and neighbouring countries.

The partners of the Postpress Alliance presented the following highlights during the Alliance Days.

baumannperfecta: Modular solutions for any company size and every printing area

Visitors of the Alliance Days experienced tailor-made in-line and offline solutions from the modular baumannperfecta system – from a simple pile hoist to a fully automatic jogging and cutting system, including the integration into the workflow. Baumannperfecta presented a fully automatic jogging and cutting system – for commercial printers and for pharmaceutical applications.

The system for commercial printers consists of the fully automatic jogging system BASA, which transfers the jogged and aligned layers to the fully automatic cutting system BASS. The high-speed cutter with the robot and in combination with the buffer system BVP, takes over the fully automatic cutting of the material, which is unloaded on a pallet by means of an unloader.

For pharmaceutical application, which even allows the fully automatic processing of grammages under 40 g/m², use is made of the BASA jogging system with logistics. The jogged and aligned layers are temporarily stored in a multi-shelf with several buffer spaces. Like this, the continuous material flow to the connected, also fully automatic cutting system BASS, is granted. Here, the cuts are also unloaded on a pallet via the unloader.

BOGRAMA: All In – die-cutting solutions with Swiss precision

With the rotary die-cutting machine BSR 550 Servo and the automatic card collator and stacker ACC 550 HS BOGRAMA presented an automatic production system for playing cards. In this modular design, complete deck of cards were punched, stacked, and transferred to a subsequent packaging unit – all in one single operation. With a productivity rate of up to 2,000 decks per hour and with highest cutting quality, the automated BOGRAMA production system offers everything necessary to produce competitively.

With set-up times of less than 1 hour, no limits are set for your customers. With the die-cutting technology, customers can increase the advertising impact effect of their products and immerse themselves in a world of a wide range of possibilities.

H+H: S45 small folding machine

H+H presented the small folding machine S45, suitable to produce short-folded sheets and available in a predefined configuration. The S45-package includes the feeder (continuous- or flat pile feeder), the first and second folding units, the transfer unit, and the vertical delivery. The S45 disposes of features that reduce set-up times, such as the integrated, movable transfer unit and the eight or four new types of buckle plates that allow for all adjustment work without removing the buckle plates. This ensures comfortable operation and saves change-over time. The small folding machine can be equipped with various peripherals, such as a press, a labelling unit or a parallel knife folding unit.

MBO: Autonomous production and environmentally friendly palletized feeder

MBO showed something unique: the autonomous post press processing from the feeder to the stacking of the signatures. This is possible by two completely new components: the optical fold quality control and the autopilot. The control of the folded products ensures that only perfectly folded sheets are transferred to the subsequent unit. The autopilot prevents the mixing of different signatures after the folding process.

Moreover, MBO presented during the Alliance Days for the first time the optimized palletized feeder. Compared to conventional pumps on the market, the synchronized high-performance pressure vacuum pump and optimized air flows ensure energy savings of up to 50%. The feeder head and the double Vacubelt have also been redesigned and lead to a significant increase in efficiency and productivity.

Wohlenberg: The ideal solution for small runs

Wohlenberg presented the perfect binder Quickbinder Edition Digital in combination with a D09 three-knife trimmer. These machines in inline version form the smallest inline brochure production line from Wohlenberg with up to 2,000 strokes/h.

With the Digital Edition, thickness variable production is possible with both, the perfect binder as well as the three-knife trimmer. It offers the manufacturer a unique opportunity to produce inline brochures with different product thicknesses, even in short runs. Moreover, the Quickbinder continues to offer its unique variety of equipment options, such as gauzing stations and all glue technologies. Wohlenberg is ready for the next step.

Hohner Maschinenbau GmbH

Hohner Maschinenbau GmbH had already early decided with a heavy heart against participating in this year's Alliance Days during the planning process. The company felt that the travel restrictions for customers, especially from Asia, were too confusing. In addition, the HHS-FUTURA 9, currently the most popular concept from Hohner, was currently in a test phase with further upgrades. Therefore, it was decided to keep the priority on the test phase, but to offer customers and interested parties the possibility of a personal demonstration at any time in the Postpress Center in Tuttlingen. Indeed, during the Alliance Days, some demos of this versatile and flexible solution with up to five functions took place there. Interested parties and customers appreciate the future orientation and hybrid design with classic saddle stitching and – fully in trend – digital processing possibility.

You can find out more about the attainable, Postpress Machinery by clicking this link.

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