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South Korean printer sets new record with the installation of ROLAND 705 3B EVOLUTION.

Gabwoo MoonHwaSa, the high-end South Korean printer, has set a new record by achieving 50 million impressions within the first nine months of installing its latest press, a ROLAND 705 3B EVOLUTION. With annual revenues of €130 million, Gabwoo MoonHwaSa specializes in high quality magazine and book printing. In 2018 the company began expanding its business scope to the high quality packaging printing sector by installing their fourth ROLAND 700 press. “Thanks to Manroland’s advanced printing technology and strong service support, our company has maintained a rapid growth momentum,” says company CEO, Mr. SoonKwan Jeon. “We are extremely satisfied with the amazing performance of this machine..... Our ROLAND 705 3B EVOLUTION has already printed 50 million sheets in just 9 months!” The machine went on to print 62 million sheets in the first year of its operation. Gabwoo MoonHwaSa attaches great importance to the maintenance of its presses and operates Manroland Sheetfed’s ProServ 360° maintenance regime. “Honestly, we could not afford any machine breakdowns, as we always have tight schedules with our customers,” says Mr. SoonKwan Jeon. “Our printing machines are always kept in the very best condition thanks to the ProServ 360° maintenance contract and Manroland technicians are always available.” Mr. HyungJoon Ahn, Managing Director of Manroland Korea: “From the beginning, we were aware that Gabwoo MoonHwaSa are particularly concerned about machine availability. In order to prevent any critical failure, we provide them with Proserv 360°, our highest level of maintenance support. For sure this was a major factor in achieving this remarkable performance record for our press”. If you want to learn more about manroland, do not hesitate to contact your closest Dynagraph partner.

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