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Reproflex First Platemaking Specialist in Scandinavia Accredited ‘Best In Class’s Under Esko Program

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

An expert in packaging prepress services receives XPS certification for flexo plates.

Reproflex Scandinavia A/S (Reproflex) has earned best in class certification under the XPS Crystal Program from Esko, making it the first platemaking and prepress expert in the area.

A higher level of quality assurance is now available to Reproflex customers thanks to the accreditation, and they can rest easy knowing that best practices in production processes guarantee consistency and high-quality final prints. Reproflex now benefits from benchmarking and identification of best practices around quality control procedures and production effectiveness as an accredited business.

According to Thomas Borge Christensen, CEO of Reproflex, "the majority of our business involves flexible packaging for film, lamination, and paper. While our work in labels, corrugated, and preprint is a significant part of our product portfolio. We take pride in producing plates that consistently and repeatedly deliver the best print quality because our customers in this area demand the best of us.

Reproflex is a company with three locations in Denmark that specializes in services spanning the entire value chain, including design, artwork, prepress, proofing, color management, and the production of flexo plates. From design to production, the business uses the entire Esko ecosystem of software, and the industry-leading Esko CDI 5080 Crystal plate imager and XPS 5080 Crystal exposure unit are used to create the plates.

Advertising agencies, designers, and brand owners are some of our clients, but flexo printing companies make up the majority of our sales partners," said Thomas. "We improved the quality of our plate production after installing our Esko Crystal line in May 2020 and have used the combination of integrated Esko software and hardware to deliver plates that far exceed all of our customers' expectations."

The Reproflex team's certification process had been a pleasure to lead, according to Mike Ball, regional sales manager for Esko. According to him, the XPS Crystal Program was created to honor companies that consistently produce superior plates, which improve the quality of flexographic prints. "By obtaining certification, Reproflex has demonstrated its ability to consistently produce plates of the highest quality and consistency, but also the company has become the first in Scandinavia to be awarded best in class certification from Esko.”

According to Mike, Reproflex was able to streamline its flexo platemaking with a more effective workflow and produce plates of a higher quality by combining the Esko CDI Crystal 5080 and the XPS Crystal 5080. "With the CDI Crystal 5080 XPS at the center of the plate room, manual steps are significantly reduced, delivering efficiency gains through requiring less operator time," he said. "Errors are also reduced, resulting in less plate waste." "Reproflex is able to supply the highest quality plates, even more efficiently, with the complete Esko in-line set-up."

All users of the cutting-edge Esko XPS Crystal exposure unit, which boasts award-winning technology that seamlessly combines UV main and back exposure, are eligible for the XPS Crystal Certification Program.

According to Mike, "the program was created to ensure that the entire supply chain can meet the precise needs and requirements of brands and converters in terms of predictable and accurate plate quality and the highest plate making consistency available, for any given photopolymer. "We are thrilled to be able to acknowledge that Thomas and the Reproflex team are setting the standard in Scandinavia through this certification program."


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