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Packaging production for individual playing cards - completely independent thanks BOXLINE

The focus at copy-druck is on digital printing. From print run batch 1, the company with its total of 48 employees at the three locations in Hamburg, Ahrensburg and Darmstadt, produces personalised prints such as invoices, serial letters, technical documentation as well as training and seminar documents. In addition, copy-druck has its own bindery and offers finishing services for high-quality print products.

"With customised print run sizes and print-on-demand offers, we enable our customers to minimise storage costs, for example," says Nicolas Kuhse. "We only print what is actually needed by the customers. This saves paper, reduces costs and at the same time relieves the environment." Nicolas Kuhse, Managing Director for IT and Data Management at copy-druck Gesellschaft für Digital- und Offsetdruck mbH has invested in a BOX LINE wrapper with taper and a casemaker from KOLBUS.

A growing business area are high-quality, individualised cardboard packaging and board games. The spectrum includes, playing cards, game boards, puzzle and memo sets, and, of course, sturdy packaging - in short, everything made of laminated cardboard. "We used to work with traditional bookbinders in this segment who mainly made the lamination for us," Nicolas Kuhse reports. "Due to the increasing number of orders, we wanted to expand and enlarge the capacity." Kuhse, therefore, decided to end its dependence on external service providers and produce the packaging itself.

Robust technology is the key

In mid-2021, the copy-druck team started looking around for suitable machines. "Relatively quickly, our research landed us at KOLBUS," recalls Nicolas Kuhse. "Tests were also carried out with our own products, and these quickly confirmed our impression of solid and accurate machine technology." After consulting the KOLBUS specialists, the management of copy-druck decided on a combination of BOXLINE Wrapper BLW 200 and BOXLINE Taper BLT 200 as well as a DA 260 casemaker.

The BOXLINE Wrapper is a fully automatic laminating machine for the production of packaging, lids and boxes by means of forming plates. The machine enables the non-stop, four-sided laminating of panel blanks without forming tools at up to 40 cycles per minute, even with deep and short wraps. Precise edge folding is always guaranteed. Format changes can be made quickly and cost-effectively by replacing the forming plates. This ensures high quality and reduced downtimes. It is not without reason that the BLW 200 received the German Packaging Award in the packaging machine category in 2021.

The BOXLINE Taper BLT 200 is a sealing tape machine for the automatic erection of die-cut and grooved cardboard box blanks as well as the gluing of carton boxes. The Taper has four heatsealing band stations as well as automatic format adjustment and was designed for inline set-up with the BLW 200. It goes without saying that this machine can also handle 40 cycles per minute. Third in the group is a fully automatic casemaker type DA 260, which produces the boards for the game boards, card and memo sets. This versatile machine also handles 40 cycles per minute and is also suitable for the production of book cases, folders, posters or calendar backs.

Around 8,000 games are now run daily in single-shift operation via the BOXLINE. In addition to the newly gained productivity and independence, Nicolas Kuhse observes other positive effects: "On the one hand, there is the enormous time saving, because we can now do everything directly in-house, and at the same time our staff is now free for other value-adding activities." Moreover, with the possibilities that are now available, one can also offer other products. Word of the investment has spread and is a signal that copy-druck is investing in the future and is an exciting, innovative employer. "In times of a shortage of skilled workers, this is a bonus that should not be underestimated," says Nicolas Kuhse.

For more information on KOLBUS machines, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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