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Optivision Self Adhesive Vinyls

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Optivision Self Adhesive Vinyls Ideal for All HP Latex Printing

Self Adhesive Vinyls
Self Adhesive Vinyls

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Many HP latex printers still insist on using expensive European self-adhesive Vinyls because they have had issues in the past using Asian Vinyls with HP latex printers.

Dynagraph is a reseller for HP latex printers and in our Optivision range of Medias we have an affordable Asian self-adhesive vinyl that we have specified to have the same characteristics as the expensive European Vinyls including features like double liner to make them work well with latex printing. The Optivision range also includes a full range of banners, films, papers, fabrics, and Vinyls for use with latex, UV, solvent, and eco solvent printers as well as dye sublimation fabrics. This compliments the Optidesign range of decoration Medias for large format printing that includes wallpapers and other materials for custom indoor decoration printing. Contact your local Dynagraph representative for information on the Optivision and Optidesign range of Medias for Large Format Printing.

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