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New Latex Technology Available at Dynagraph

HP Latex 700 W demonstration printer in Dubai

It is an exciting week at the Dynagraph demonstration center in Dubai this with the arrival of the new HP latex 700 w.

These 1.6m latex wide format printers from HP have many improvements over previous models.

The printer is now available for demonstrations.

Bring your own files and see the results on the new and improved latex technology.

Call Stephen on 050 659 9265 or Abhilash on 058 249 6649 for appointments.

White printing is now available

Extend your portfolio into high-margin jobs with the whitest white without the complexity you see in UV printers. A high-opacity white that resists yellowing even outdoors.

HP latex delivers true “No Waste” white ink.

Because latex ink is water based there are less problems with recirculation of latex white ink and if you do not have any white jobs for a period of time you can completely lock off the white ink system.

On UV machines you continue to waste white ink with purging and cleaning every day whether you are using white ink or not.

Print direct to clear self-adhesive vinyl to create window stickers, day night backlit prints. Double sided prints on clear media.

New overcoat eliminates the need for lamination in most cases.

HP latex wide format printers already had a very high scratch resistance but with the new latex overcoat you will not need laminate unless you want to extend outdoor life with an extra UV laminate layer or you are doing vehicle graphics.

Larger pigment load and longer printhead life.

Printheads now have 50% more nozzle’s and micro recirculation into the final end of the nozzle extending nozzle life.

Increased pigment load in the HP latex inks mean you can get the same quality as previous latex printers but at faster speeds.

Lower curing temperatures improve media versatility.

Lower curing temperatures mean more heat sensitive media’s can be printed and delivers improved colour consistency and length repeatability when printing tiles.

HP latex 700/800 product features video

Below is the HP’s product feature video on the new 700/800 printer series.

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