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New HP latex printers widen the gap to other print technologies

HP Latex continues to be the best choice for quality, sustainability, widest range of prints including unique high margin work.

Easy to use, automatic maintenance and cleaning, new "no waste" white ink takes away the issues associated with using white inks on other technologies while delivering the whitest white and most opaque white ink.

The widest range of eco credentials and certification mean Latex is often the print choice for leading brands like Apple and Nike.

The following videos compare the new Latex 700 and 800 series to other printers in the 1.6m class including, eco solvent, UV and UV gel.

HP v Epson eco solvent:

HP v Mikarki UV:

HP v Canon UV gel:

for more information contact the Dynagraph Dubai team on +971 50 659 9265 or email

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