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Mosaic Manufacturing Debuts the Array 3D Printing Product Line

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Manufacturer of 3D printing gear Mosaic Manufacturing has unveiled a plethora of new 3D printing goods.

Four new multi-material FFF 3D printing systems, two new filament handling tools, and a number of thermoplastic filaments are all part of the Array product ecosystem. The mass product launch, designed to meet the requirements of large-volume manufacturing facilities, focuses on scalability on the shop floor and high throughput 3D printing.

"Array's impact on manufacturing comes from the advantages of enabling 3D printing for scaled applications," says Chris Labelle, COO of Mosaic Manufacturing. Today, it is possible to acquire flexible output, mass customisation, quicker turnaround times, and unconstrained part geometries in manufacturing numbers of hundreds of thousands of parts annually.

The Array 3D Printing System

The Array 3D printing machine is without a doubt the centerpiece of the Array ecosystem. The system consists of four separate Element HT 3D printers that cooperate to produce parts continuously (more on these printers below). Each individual module has a Palette X material handling system that allows for mid-print filament switching. Since each of the four Element HT 3D printers can print with up to eight different filaments in a single part, including technical materials like PEEK and Ultem, they are all able to produce parts using a variety of materials.

The Array machine also has an automatic part removal mechanism that, after every build is finished, substitutes out the print beds and automatically replaces them with a new build platform. This makes sure that, even after the operator has gone home for the evening, all four separate 3D printers are virtually always operational with less than 10% downtime.

The Element HT 3D Printer

Naturally, not everyone will need a full Array system. Mosaic is releasing the Element HT 3D printer as a standalone unit as a result. The machine includes both a heated build platform (120°C) and a heated build chamber (80°C), and its build volume is 355 x 355 x 355mm.

The full line of recently unveiled 3D printing filaments from Mosaic are compatible with the Element HT, which has a maximum nozzle temperature of 500°C. This includes the company's own carbon fiber-reinforced Nylon material, Mosaic Matrix, as well as Mosaic PEEK, Mosaic PEKK, Mosaic TPU, and so on.

The company has also created a lower temperature setting of the system dubbed Element for consumers seeking something a little less potent. Both Element and Element HT use the Palette X material handling system, which, like the Array 3D printing system, enables them to print with eight different filaments simultaneously.

The Palette 3 and Palette 3 Pro

But what if you only require the multi-material printing capabilities for an already installed third-party system and don't require an Element 3D printer at all?

The most recent iterations of the company's multi-material filament swapping technology are the Palette 3 and Palette 3 Pro. The Palette 3 and Palette 3 Pro, which are available as independent devices for insertion into existing FFF 3D printers, are based on the embedded Palette X technology and enable real-time switching between four and eight filaments, respectively.

For more information on Mosaic Manufacturing, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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