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Meccanotecnica: The new Uniplex video is out.

Uniplex, automatic gathering and sewing line, integrates the gathering of printed signatures to the book sewing process. This is the ideal solution to minimize production and labor costs thanks to the elimination of non-productive processes such as storage and transport of pre-gathered signatures.

The line is a combination of 4-station gathering modules (MX4) connected to one automatic book sewing machine such as asterPRO, asterPRO/52, or asterTOP. In a compact configuration, Uniplex can be operated by just one person thanks to the short distance between the loading and unloading stations.

GATHERING LINE: Signatures are loaded into large-capacity in-feed hoppers where grippers mounted on rotary drums gently extract and lay down the signature onto the transport channel. In the case of difficult signatures, the hoppers’ tilt angle can be set individually, to avoid any marking.

QUICK CHANGE OVER TIME: The format change-over on the gathering line is easy and quick. The width of the hoppers is set simultaneously according to the signature spine length, while the transport channel, the stacker at the delivery of the gathering machine, the feeding station, and the gripper require no manual set-up.

GIGALYNX DUAL CONTROL: Upon request, each gathering station can be equipped with the GigaLynx Dual Control camera that combined with the thickness control system guarantees the error-proof operation of the line.

BYPASS SIDE DELIVERY: The optional bypass delivery allows the operator to unload piles of collated signatures. When activated, it is possible to manually feed an additional online book sewing machine. Collated signatures can be managed with three different distributing cycles: delivered only through the bypass, only to the connected book sewing machine, or in a mixed-mode to both the bypass and the connected book sewing machine in a 1:1 ratio.

EASE-OF-USE: The line features new electronics and a new 17” touch screen swivel monitor with a friendly user interface. The full-graphic software with gesture controls displays all information allowing easy use of the machine and quick learning for new operators

WEB CONNECTIVITY & INDUSTRY 4.0: Thanks to web connectivity, it is possible to oversee live production from everywhere by simply accessing your tablet, smartphone, or PC. The system is also integrated by an e-mail server that, if requested, notifies preset events.

You can find out more about the attainable, Meccanotecnica UNIPLEX by clicking this link.

You can buy MT UNIPLEX system from Dynagraph.

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