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MARK ANDY OPEN HOUSE: The Power of Hybrid Forum

Mark Andy Poland in Warsaw is planning the live show: The Power of Hybrid Forum 2022 on May 31st - 2 In-Person Sessions, and on June 1st - 1 Virtual Session

Programming during the sessions will address advancements catered to printers and converters across the industry spectrum highlighting productivity gains. Mark Andy will focus on the hybrid trends in the label printing industry.

Don’t miss your opportunity to talk with industry experts, witness the latest technology advancements, and launch your business strategy to new heights.

During the sessions, participants will gain unique insight from an open Q&A session with an expert industry converter from the Watershed Group

Join us for the answers to all of your questions – and not from Mark Andy, but from the people who have been running presses in the pressroom for a long time.

If you are unable to attend the webinar, be sure to register and you will receive an on-demand recording to view at your convenience at a later date.

You can find out more about the attainable, Mark Andy machines by clicking this link.

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