Majan Printing & Packaging is one of the largest packaging printers in the Middle East located in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. The company was originally established in 1996 and in just 20 years has become the largest duplex board converter in the Gulf region. 

Today Majan represents one of Dynagraph's major customers, sixteen is the total number of manroland machines purchased since 1996 with over than 50 printing units in production. Majan's NEW R707 LV Evolution Hybrid has been delivered and installed in June of 2020. With its latest offset press automation features and innovative software package and accessories, it offers higher productivity & reliability for a wider array of application and added value in UV and conventional printing. Faster job delivery and less waste enhanced profitability and competitiveness; moreover, less errors and less waste mean faster turnaround times and reduced operating cost. The R707 Evolution delivered elevated by 667 mm with combi ink rollers and latest interdeck and UV end dryers with a precision sheet guiding technology that improves operating efficiency, with suction belts replaces traditional suction rollers. The ability to grip paper over a larger area delivers more precise control over paper feeding and greater control of sheet braking even at high speeds. A full-service program The ProServ 360° Performance Package, this service program includes regular remote and on-site diagnostic checks to detect and deal with potential problems with the press in advance. This ensures achieving the promised performance levels and helps manage operating cost. The Roland R700 Evolution is designed to handle both current and future challenges. For more information about manroland do not hesitate to contact your closest Dynagraph partner.

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