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Lamina Glueline For All Creative In Denmark

All Creative A/S in Vejle, Denmark, recently installed Lamina System's well-liked 3016 Glueline. The machine, which is set up with two tape applicators and a combination of hot melt and PVA cold glue systems, will mostly be used to produce displays and packaging products.

Wine packaging, lined sales boxes, Christmas calendars, and sophisticated gift boxes with foil and logo imprint are just a few of the packaging products that All Creative A/S produces.

Additionally, POS (Point-of-Sale) and Floor displays, dumpers, spears, quarter, half, full pallets, table and hanging displays are just a few of the many types of displays that All Creative A/S manufactures. All Creative may also design solutions using acrylic, wood, and metal that are frequently coupled with LED light, sound, or other special effects.

Machine Info:

A fully automatic, continuous gluing and folding machine for single- or double-piece boxes and displays is called the Lamina Glueline. Two powerful vacuum-controlled belt feeders that feed in one or two sections operate the machine. For one- or two-piece boxes or displays, the machine is incredibly effective thanks to Lamina's registration system and non-stop feeder. The Glueline can be used with hot-melt adhesive or as a hybrid of hot and cold adhesive. After applying glue, the machine feeds one or two parts through the two-piece registration and joining unit before moving on to the following station for folding. The Glueline is constructed in modules that can be easily separated using the rails on the floor to provide full access for setup and maintenance.

You can find out more about the attainable, Lamina Glue Line by clicking this link.

You can buy Lamine Glueline machine system from Dynagraph.


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