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Dynagraph partner LAMINA System AB introduces PACKLINE its non-stop box closing machine.

The Packline is a fully automatic high speed & high capacity non-stop box closing machine for the internationally recognized FEFCO 410 range corrugated boxes. This unique production line incorporates pin-point precision gluing, folding/flap-folding and accurate closure of the completely packed & labelled box, producing a high quality product in 'one-pass' ready for the direct distribution to the customer.

· Estimated production: 500 completed packed boxes/phr

· 2 to 3-man operator production line (reduces manpower of manual line by 5 to 6 operators)

· Set-up time estimated approximately 15 mins

· Lamina Industry 4.0 (option)

· Consistent high quality packaging

· Touch screen display

For more information on LAMINA solution, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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