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DyeMansion Teases Powerfuse S PP adds Lubrizol TPU

The Powerfuse S PP will be introduced at Formnext 2022, which begins on November 15 in Frankfurt, and is now in a pilot phase. A solvent for the substance has been produced by the business, and it has been tested on materials from HP, BASF, EOS, ALM, Prodways, AM Polymers, and Covestro.

One of the main restrictions for additive manufacturing, according to DyeMansion CEO Felix Ewald, is the lack of readily available materials. Enabling the use of PP in industry will be a key factor in our sector's continued growth. With the help of our Powerfuse S PP, we were able to offer surfaces similar to those used in injection molding as well as improved characteristics. We are really excited to shortly witness the first high-volume use cases.

Lubrizol Estane 3D TPU Available for the Powerfuse S

In addition, the business has made the HP Multi Jet Fusion with Lubrizol Estane TPU material available for the Powerfuse S. The information now includes a specific Powerfuse program. The business anticipates using the material in autos and orthotics. The Quatro Prosthetic Sock by Quorum is one of the parts created so far, allowing quarto prosthetic socket wearers to dynamically alter the fit of the prosthetic socket during the day to maximize comfort.

Together with Stratasys, the business will also offer a case study on the use of DyeMansion components in NASCAR, and it has also announced the acquisition of new resellers in North America.

"I am thrilled to welcome six new partners in the United States to the DyeMansion Sales Partner platform," said Kai Witter, Chief Customer Officer at DyeMansion. Customers all around the world really value the way our reseller-centric go-to-market strategy has been implemented as a result. All users of additive manufacturing can access end-use part-specific advising from our partners as well as the industry's top DyeMansion Print-to-Product workflow solutions.

It appears like DyeMansion is expanding both its clientele and its library of resources. The corporation can produce consistent outcomes since it has dialed in process parameters for its materials. This implies that it is a responsibility to continuously qualify and test new materials as they are released. However, if they continue doing this, consumers will be able to swiftly embrace new printing techniques and materials and use them in conjunction with DyeMansion. Additionally, AMT and PostProcess frequently release updated software and settings-based recipes for various materials.

Although it may seem a little tedious, this type of plumbing work is definitely necessary for clients to have the outcomes they desire. The sheer volume of recipes will eventually become a barrier for new competitors. New competitors will take the opportunity to create their own dishes using all of the available ingredients. We can see how the established post-processing businesses are gradually attempting to construct moats and castles to ward off potential attackers.

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