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Dyemansion Launching Vaporfuse Surfacing Innovations

Two new process advancements are announced by DyeMansion, a leader in post-processing solutions for industrial polymer 3D printing, along with a more promising future for the Powerfuse S. At DyeMansion's exhibit #E8207, attendees to RAPID + TCT 2021 in Chicago were able to view a variety of actual applications and demonstration components bringing these VaporFuse Surfacing technologies to life.

Industrial post-processing solutions from DyeMansion are in high demand. In its category, DyeMansion is without a doubt the market leader with more than 600 systems deployed worldwide, with a third of those in North America. DyeMansion has expanded its technological hub and operation center at their Austin location to include a production facility for all consumables and a warehouse for spare parts due to the rising demand for their solutions.

"We are very happy that we can now service our American customers even better with our fully operational US office. We are currently seeing tremendous market growth in North America. We are well on our way to building a bright future with the eleven members of our US team, our growing network of sales & manufacturing partners, and our new partnership with Stratasys. Stratasys Direct Manufacturing has joined our workflow customer list, and we look forward to working with them on challenging, high-volume projects, says Felix Ewald, Co-Founder & CEO of DyeMansion.

Food Contact Complaint: Vaporfuse Surfacing Enables Food & Beverage Applications with 3D Printing

The VaporFuse Surfacing method used by DyeMansion for sealed surfaces is now in compliance with FDA food contact guidelines. For contact with all food kinds for which the base polymer is both technically appropriate and approved, the VaporFuse VF47 Eco Fluid solvent can be utilized. At DyeMansion's stand at RAPID, visitors were able to see an illustration of a real food application. The Kuhn-Stoff GmbH & Co KG PA2201 part, which has five funnels positioned side by side, was used to make cookies.

Levels of Smoothing: Individualised Vaporfuse Surfacing as Never Before

Customers of Powerfuse S have access to three ready-to-use parameter sets for varying levels of smoothing strengths. Light, Balanced, and Strong are the alleged "Levels of Smoothing." The Powerfuse S is the most adaptable and dependable vapor polishing system on the market since each process parameter can be customized specifically for the needs of various applications. The Levels of Smoothing are now available for a variety of materials, including HP 3D HR PA 11/12, EOS PA 2200, and EOS TPU 1301. More resources will come after.

Exciting Process Outlook: Vaporfuse Surface of Polypropylene Parts

In addition to these two readily available advancements, DyeMansion has also created an eco-friendly solvent that is biobased and biodegradable, offering another intriguing prospect for anyone looking to vapor polish Polypropylene (PP) parts. Once more, DyeMansion has come up with a solution that satisfies both high performance and sustainability demands.

This solution has been successfully tested for Ricoh PP, HP Ultrasint PP, ALM PP400, Voxeljet PP, AM Polymers PP03, Ultimaker PP (FDM printed), EOS PP1101 and DSM ARNILENE AM6002. It is now being validated with various Polypropylene materials.

For more information on Dyemansion, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.


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