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Dyemansion Is Presenting Innovations That Strengthen Their Position as A Transformation Leader

DyeMansion launches a new Powerfuse S model at Formnext to smooth 3D-printed polypropylene, as promised. The Powerfuse S PP is the first eco-friendly vapor polishing system ever created for use in highly industrial production and surface enhancements that go beyond aesthetics to smooth 3D-printed PP. The traditional Powerfuse S type is compatible with all commonly found rigid and flexible materials, including PA, TPU, ULTEM, and others. The brand-new Powerfuse S PP is intended specifically for processing polypropylene.

Using polypropylene in additive manufacturing fields like automotive, medical & chemical science, consumer goods & prototypes opens more application possibilities. The environmentally friendly VaporFuse VF44 EcoFluid PP is 100% biobased, easily biodegradable, and nontoxic because it contains no PFAS, CMR, or vPvM/PMT. Furthermore, thanks to the Powerfuse S PP's high level of automation and closed loop circulation with integrated solvent recovery, AM customers can benefit from an unparalleled cost per component at maximum production capacity.

One of the plastics with the greatest global production is polypropylene, which has characteristics such as affordability, toughness, ductility, and chemical resistance. DyeMansion's new Powerfuse S model assures that there is an end-to-end solution for the industrial processing of polypropylene and puts them as the go-tomarket partner for PP in AM, which is a significant step toward the transformation of AM.

All PP technology providers, including Stratasys, HP, BASF, EOS, ALM, Prodways, AM Polymers, Covestro, and others, have previously validated DyeMansion's solution. Visit exhibit D51 in hall 11.1 to view the machine and samples from all different PPs.

Introducing Dyemansion 360°Digital Services to Monitor, Connect and Integrate Their Post-Processing Tech

DyeMansion introduces the DyeMansion 360° Digital Services, their first-ever range of digital products. The DyeMansion Workflow Center, DyeMansion Data Connect, and DyeMansion Remote Service are all included in this. The DyeMansion team is a driving force behind tomorrow's linked production lines and continues to establish itself as one of the top transformation partners promoting a more digital manufacturing approach that uses cutting-edge industrial IoT technologies.

The DyeMansion Workflow Center is a web application that runs through a browser and the cloud. Siemens MindSphere has been chosen by DyeMansion as the framework for their product. It features plug-and-play functionality that makes it immediately usable and enables live monitoring, customized alerts, and run history. Customers' capacity to track and evaluate their own workflow results in significantly higher productivity, automatic traceability, higher uptime, and greater flexibility.

No client data leaves the premises thanks to DyeMansion Data Connect's on-site machine and process data for MES/ERP systems. Customers gain from complete data collection, streamlined integration, high compatibility, and flexibility. Through direct troubleshooting, tailored support, and increased cooperation efficiency, the DyeMansion Remote Service ensures optimum uptime with little resource usage.

At Formnext, you can witness the brand-new DyeMansion 360° Digital Services, including a live demonstration of the DyeMansion Workflow Center. As major leaders in the global AM business, FKM, alphacam, and Siemens are DyeMansion's pilot partners in this endeavor. Starting in Q2 2023, the Powerfuse S, the Powershot Performance, and the DM60 will be offered with IIoT capabilities. It will be possible to retrofit existing systems with ease as well.

In order to advance serial AM manufacturing, DyeMansion has joined Materialise's CO-AM software platform as a post-processing partner. A standardized OPCUA interface on CO-AM enables seamless access to the DyeMansion Print-to-Product workflow. At Formnext, a preliminary demo is available at Materialise booth 12.1, C139.

More Alliances, Material Validations & Updates

To Drive the Transformation of Manufacturing Towards Additive

DyeMansion has added 12 new sales partners and 9 new production partners since Formnext 2021. The overall number of partners now stands at 85. With the aim of enabling the global availability of high-value end-use applications, DyeMansion's global Partner Platform continues to be the most influential AM network in powder-bed. Here, you can see a quick list of all partners. DyeMansion is very happy to be advancing the industry with its new partners in new places like Israel with 3Dreams and Mafil, Romania with Nutechnologies, Italy with Energy Group, the United Arab Emirates with Dynagraph, and Japan with Yokoito.

Yutaro Nakajima-san, the CEO and founder of Yokoito, states that Japan has always placed a high value on product quality. Thus, for many years, the layer lines and erratic quality of post-processing in Japan have prevented the widespread use of 3D printing technology. The basic technology to address these issues is owned by DyeMansion, and if it gains popularity, we predict that PBF manufacturing technology in Japan will improve quickly.

Additionally, Lubrizol approved the Powerfuse S (machine) vapor polishing solution for the market to smooth their semi-rigid TPU materials, which is worth mentioning. The finished and already-proven HP Multi Jet Fusion-produced ESTANE® 3D M95A TPU is certified for skin sensitivity and can be colored. The new ESTANE® 3D M88A is a somewhat softer material that is also available for HP Multi Jet Fusion. It has been tested and is compatible with the DyeMansion Print-to-Product workflow, including depowdering, vapor polishing, and coloring. On the Lubrizol and DyeMansion booth, one may view finished samples and customer parts.

The new whitepaper, "Optimizing Post-Processing for Ultrasint® TPU01," was published by DyeMansion and BASF. It focuses on depowdering, vapor polishing, and dying of Ultrasint® TPU01, produced on HP Multi Jet Fusion. At the DyeMansion display, visitors can examine finished lattice pieces from BASF and other material suppliers as well as the whitepaper.

In addition, Stratasys disclosed that its new SAFTM PA12 powder for the H350® 3D printer will be supplied by new materials partner ALM. The powder is a market-ready solution for AM users as it has been validated with the Print-to-Product workflow. Parts are accessible from both booths.

For more information on Dyemansion, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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