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Bringing Digital Vehicle Customizations to Life

3D scanners were recently utilized as a "prop" to provide demonstrations in 3D design courses. They provided as an aid for makers who enjoyed crafting in their spare time. After all, compared to professional cameras or cellphones, 3D scanners appeared to have a significantly higher threshold.

Professional 3D scanners have become increasingly important and valuable in recent years, surpassing initial public perceptions in areas including industrial design help (reverse engineering), industrial measurement, physical data, artistic creation, and product customization.

Data will serve as the foundation for everything in the approaching 5G era. Based on 3D data, product development and iterations will be conducted. This development will exponentially increase the need for qualified 3D scanners.

In China, Li Zhao, a wide-body kit design guru and director of MBDesign Automotive Industrial Design Studio, is well-known. Their design studio focuses on creating wide-bodied vehicles and providing customization for exterior sets.

Traditional processing: Clay sculptures are typically expensive and have a lengthy cycle when used in traditional automobile engineering design and modification.

MBDesign Studio uses the EinScan Pro+ handheld 3D scanner to create customized automotive modifications using new 3D digital processing.

They use markers and EinScan's Handheld Rapid Scan mode to scan the car's body. The handheld 3D scanner from the EinScan series stitches the data together. Following that, the data is transferred into a 3D design program to create a wide-bodied body kit, which is quickly verified using 3D printing.

This illustrates how 3D digital design data is accurate and reproducible. It takes less time than conventional approaches because it is designed and verified using the actual vehicle data. Using 3D data to communicate with clients is also easier and more effective. The customer is given a real image to consider.

This approach is being used by an increasing number of auto modification and performance optimization stores in addition to MBDesign studio to offer consumers specialized service and bring digital video customizations to life.

For more information on SHINING 3D solution, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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