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Bolshoi Ballet installs an EFI pro32r+

The EFI pro32r+ which was installed at Joseph Graphics in Dubai in 2020 as the first Middle East installation of this new printer from EFI has recently been chosen by a unique customer being the Bolshoi Ballet in Russia.

The fact the printer has a low curing temperature which lets it print to a variety of heat sensitive materials and can be fitted with white ink and edge guards to handle fabrics and wallpapers made it ideal for the Bolshoi.

The Bolshoi produces stage scenery including linoleum, fabrics and self adhesive vinyls on the printer.

Here in Dubai Joseph's choose the EFI Pro32r+, 3.2m roll to roll printer because as well as speed and quality it also offers the lowest ink consumption per square metre on the market due to the unique properties of its CMYK EFI-3M™ SuperRange XF inks.

You can realize around a 60% saving over the per square meter production costs of other popular UV led printers in the market.

This is not the first time EFI uv led printers have been chosen by niche customers for their versatility of printing. They have been used by French fashion houses for custom leather printing for some years.

EFI has the lowest production costs and unbeatable reliability in Industrial roll to roll, Hybrid, flatbed and fabric dye sublimation printers.

EFI has the right printer for your requirements and in a recent FLAAR report on EFI it was pointed out that it is the EFI power tools and the ability to tailor your EFI printer to meet special production needs that customer may require is yet another reason EFI is chosen by the top production houses in the world.

You may be surprised by the return on investment that EFI can deliver with their new entry level and mid level printers.

You don't have to be the largest print house in your region anymore to join the EFI family.

Contact your local Dynagraph representative and let's see if there is an EFI product that will suit your production level and enable you to dominate your market.

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