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AON3D Takes Part in Code Life Ventilator Challenge to Help Ease the COVID Crisis

Worldwide demand for medical supplies has increased significantly as a result of COVID-19, notably for ventilators, which are crucial for treating patients who require respiratory assistance. Making sure they have adequate ventilators to support their patients who need respiratory support is still a challenge for many hospitals throughout the world.

The Montreal General Hospital Foundation's Code Life Ventilator Challenge brought experts together to develop a low-cost, straightforward, and uncomplicated ventilator that can quickly assist patients with COVID-19 breathing difficulties. The objective was to create a design that was affordable and appropriate for low-resource environments found in many developing nations. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) doctors, engineers, and technologists were part of the group of experts created to support and evaluate submissions.

AON3D and the National Research Council of Canada were both honored to be chosen as partners supporting the competition (NRC). To assist with the prototyping stage, Nicholas Nadeau, Ph.D., P.Eng., Engineering Manager at AON3D, was asked to take part as a technical mentor and expert. The COVID-19 Code Life Ventilator Challenge nomination is an honor, and I appreciate it. It was an honor to be able to give back to the community and contribute to the fight against the pandemic as an engineer who was born and raised in Montreal, Dr. Nadeau added. In the midst of a pandemic around the world, "this experience has opened my eyes to the passion, agility, and originality of professional and hobbyist designers."

As the challenge participants take their designs to the manufacturing stage so they can assist people suffering from COVID-19 all over the world, he will continue to serve as an advisor and a link for AON3D's additive manufacturing experience.

For more information on AON3D solution, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.


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