Semiautomatic Pile Tuner

Semi-automatic processes make the PERFECTA pile turner very easy to operate.
During the turning process, the stock is aerated by large powerful nozzles that can be closed for small formats.
Depending on specification, the pile turner has an adjustable alignment stop.
By the use of this peripheral unit, the stock will be prepared to subsequent production processes in a gentle and effortless way.

Model - Sheet - Pile Format - Pile Height - Weight - LV*

BSW 2-500 - Max 550x750 mm - 1220 mm - 500 kg - x
- Min 350x350 mm - 460 mm

BSW 3-1200(N)* - Max 800x1200 mm - 1450 mm - 1200 kg - x
- Min 500x650 mm - 630 mm

BSW 3-1200(H)* - Max 800x1200 mm - 2010 - mm - 1200 kg - x
- Min 700x1000 mm - 790 - mm

*N = low pile height
*H = high pile height
*LV = with aeration and vibration

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