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Lamina - SA


The Lamina SA is a sheet-to-sheet semi-automatic laminating/mounting machine. It has an automatic suction cup feeder for bottom sheets and a hand fed operation for top sheets.

Lamina's laminating machine type 1110-1620 SA is equipped with:
- Automatic substrate sheet feeder
- Precision gluing unit with automatic glue application
- Laminating station with automatic front and side registration system
- Pressure station
- Stacking table
- PLC control system

Machine Sizes:
1110 SA
1116 SA
1416 SA
1420 SA
1620 SA

Sheet Sizes:
Max Width - 1100 mm to 1600 mm
Max Length - 1050 mm to 2000 mm
Min Width - 200 mm
Min Length - 350 mm

Top sheet:
130 to 450 g/m2 1 pts = 28,25 g/m2
Bottom sheet:
From 250 g/m2 to 10 mm (0,39”) 1 pts = 28,25 g/m2 corrugated from 0,6-10 mm (0,016”-0,39”)

Anti Wrap Picker, Glue System for Container, Pressure Belt, Down Stacker, Flip-Flop,
Single Face feeder

HP Latex L365-01.jpg
HP Latex L365-01.jpg

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