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Lamina - Glueline

Automatic Non-Stop Gluing and Folding Machine

The Lamina Glueline is a fully automatic non-stop gluing and folding machine for one piece or two piece boxes.
The machine works with two heavy duty vacuum controlled belt feeders which feed in the one or two pieces. By using Lamina’s registration system and non-stop feeder, the machine is extremely effective for two piece boxes.
The Glueline can work with hot-melt, cold glue or a combination of both.

Machine Sizes:
2012 Glueline
2212 Glueline
3012 Glueline
3412 Glueline
4012 Glueline
2016 Glueline
2216 Glueline
3016 Glueline
3416 Glueline
4016 Glueline

Sheet Sizes:-
Max Width: 1000x2 mm to 2000x2 mm
Max Length: 1600 mm
Min Width: 600 mm
Min Length: 400 mm

Sheet feeder: Thickness: 0,6 to 10 mm (0,016” to 0,39”)

HP Latex L365-01.jpg
HP Latex L365-01.jpg

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