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High-Speed Paper Handle Machine

ZD-SB100 High-Speed Paper Handle Machine

This machine is mainly supporting semi-automatic paper bag machines.
It can quickly produce paper handle with twisted rope, which can be attached onto the paper bag without handles in further production and make it into paper handbags.

This machine takes two narrow paper rolls and one paper rope as raw material, sticks paper belts and paper rope together, which will be cut off gradually to form paper handles.

In addition, the machine also has automatic counting and gluing functions, which can greatly improve the efficiency of subsequent processing operations of users

1. Automatic paper handle gluing function speeds up subsequent paper bag processing.
2. Optional 10-meter conveyer belt brings convenience for further paper bag processing.
3. Two different gluing configurations: water glue system or hot-melt glue system

HP Latex L365-01.jpg
HP Latex L365-01.jpg

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