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Speedliner - Heiber + Schroder

Smart versatility in carton lining

Our window patching machine SPEEDLINER delivers the ideal combination between productivity and ease of use. Each machine gives you the opportunity to create a wide range of products through our optional equipment. This enables you to react smart and flexible to the current market needs and trends.

Single Lane Operation:

Blank length 80 - 800 mm
Width 80 - 600 mm
Window length 40 mm – 560 mm
Width 30 mm – 440 mm
Liner width 60 mm – 300 mm

Up to 36,000 blanks per hour at ideal use of space (1 lane production)

Material caliper: Paper and cardboard
220 g/m² to 600 g/m²
Corrugated up to 5 mm

HP Latex L365-01.jpg
HP Latex L365-01.jpg

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