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Innovative Folding Cartons: Trends to Watch
Innovative Folding Cartons: Trends to Watch

Innovative Folding Cartons: Trends to Watch
Given the most recent advancements in folding cartons, the packaging industry is at an exciting phase. While many of the fundamental components are still present, they are evolving into a packaging medium that incorporates incredible levels of technology and marketing brilliance.
Brands are putting new techniques for creating consumer affinities into practice to address new problems. While some are creating new pathways, others are developing established trends.
Let's examine a few of them.
Anti-Counterfeiting During the Rise of E-Commerce
E-commerce has made it possible for counterfeiters to reach customers through more channels, which has contributed to their increased sophistication in recent years. Each year, counterfeit items are marketed for over $600 billion.
In addition to harming a company's capacity to conduct business, counterfeiting undermines consumer confidence (and puts them at risk). Packaging manufacturers are working with brands to develop creative anti-counterfeiting strategies to prevent this and safeguard the authenticity of their products.
Overt Authentication Solutions
Depending on the user, color-shifting inks change color. It's difficult to replicate the glistening appearance that pearlescent inks produce. Consumers and vendors can determine whether a product has been altered or previously opened thanks to tamper-evident closures and labelling. Holographic seals and labels are high-end printing technologies that are challenging to copy. Manufacturers may follow the flow of their items with specialized 2D and QR codes, guaranteeing that the right people receive them.
Covert Authentication Solutions
Using digital technology, more sophisticated criminals are being stopped. Inks that react to UV and infrared light confirm the legitimacy of packaging. When exposed to sharp temperature variations, thermochromic inks produce unique images. An element is said to be hidden indicia if it cannot be viewed without the aid of a special lens or decoding software. Digital watermarking and Digimarc barcodes are similarly hidden and only detectable by enabled devices. Taggants are undetectable molecular or optical markers that are introduced to inks or coatings; they can only be seen with equipment that has been calibrated for a specific brand.
A combination of these anti-counterfeiting strategies can help brands strengthen their barriers to illegal trade.
Clever Structural Designs
Folding cartons must be visually appealing and interesting structurally.
For instance, the food, beverage, and confectionary industries are popular in shelf-ready packaging. Retailers may deliver products into customers' hands more quickly by using these folding boxes as counter displays.
Setup boxes are equally brilliant in design and are now extremely common. These are distinctive because of their design and tactile quality, and they are made of denser paperboard than normal folding cartons. Brands use setup boxes to produce distinctive package experiences for customers by combining firmness with decorative and textured coatings.
Folding cartons should adhere to right-size packaging standards in addition to being structurally innovative. To put it another way, the objective of packaging is to use no more material than is required to secure or protect a product. This is a common sustainability technique used by brands, but it also results in material cost savings. Additionally, businesses avoid paying the air tax—the additional shipping charges associated with having extra space in their packing.
Brand Synergy
Synergy, the effort to connect every point of interaction a customer makes with a company into a single seamless experience, is being embraced by more brands. Consumers should come across consistent messaging that strengthens their affinity with the brand, whether it is online, in the shopping aisle, or via email. Labels, folding cartons, and other marketing materials must be precise and of the finest quality.
Manufacturers are using durable folding cartons with high-end decorative features that aren't readily faded or scratched when handled in stores. Consumers might not be aware that a brand isn't always fully to blame when a folding carton is damaged, so they are more likely to associate packaging issues with deficiencies in your company.
Again, messaging needs to be consistent. Consider using sustainable board options, adopt right-size packaging, and use earth tones in your design elements if your company, for example, focuses on sustainability. Consumers ought to have the same attitudes toward your business no matter where they encounter your brand.

Extending the Customer Experience Beyond Packaging¬¬
Leading businesses are expanding the customer experience with packaging, which is related to synergy. Folding cartons serve more use than just storing products.
For instance, using augmented reality to let customers "try it before you buy it," QR codes can be utilized to improve the customer experience.
Additionally, to enable customers to choose exactly how they wish to use their products, health and beauty firms make use of QR codes. Customers' online profiles are automatically linked to their packaging, expanding options on a brand's website.
Sustainability: Using Tree-Free Board
Consumers are expecting that brands, including their packaging, are sustainable. Tree-free options are becoming more prevalent to satisfy this need. For instance, bagasse, a byproduct of sugarcane that farmers once treated as waste and discarded, is now utilized as a substitute for paperboard.
Its 100% biodegradable and compostable nature, lack of BPA, chlorine, and petroleum, and USDA bio-preferred status all contribute to its appeal. Brands who want to position themselves as environmentally friendly should offer at least a few packaging options that don't come from trees.
As packaging advances, brands have more opportunities to engage and delight their consumers. Brands can become well-known by implementing innovative structural designs, anti-counterfeit packaging, brand synergy, expansive customer experiences, and tree-free alternatives in their folding cartons.


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