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The FabriVU range of printers from EFI has been the clear market leader for industrial dye sublimation printers due to savings in per square meter costs of up to 60% over their competitors combined with industry leading speed and quality.

Dynagraph has a FabriVU 340i, which incorporates inline fixation and can print at speeds up to 500sqm per hour, available for immediate delivery ex Dubai. This is an ideal opportunity in the current turmoil to move in and take over your local market from the established companies who have invested in inferior technology at a time when price will be all important for customers.   Or if you are already an established soft signage producer, you can beat your competition with better pricing and superior quality and even In the reduced market, we are expecting there is no reason why your sales cannot increase by taking a larger slice of the available soft signage business with technology the competitors cannot match. EFI has released a video series to show the advantages of moving to soft signage and the sort of customers you should approach. Soft Signage Market The soft signage market — defined as digitally printing display graphics direct or transfer to polyester-based textile media — is experiencing unprecedented growth. Soft signage is reusable. Unlike vinyl and paper, it can be displayed, then folded up, stored, and shipped to another location to be displayed again; most can be washed and dried. Soft signage can be a strong competitive differentiator Everything customers are willing to pay a premium price for: Vivid colors, Excellent drape and feel, Longevity, No lingering smells or odors. These are the soft signage attributes that customer are looking for and willing to pay a premium to get.  And they will keep coming back for more. A green solution for the environment — and your bottom line Dye-sublimation digital printers are environmentally responsible — from their aqueous-based inks to their smaller footprint, less ink consumption, and lower energy usage. And because of the lightweight nature of soft signage, transportation is more efficient and delivery costs are lowered. All of this adds up lower costs for each high-margin job. Please contact your local Dynagraph representative for information on EFI FabriVU or any of the EFI/Vutek range of UV printers with next generation technology which delivers the lowest cost per square meter for UV production in roll to roll, Hybrid and flatbed printers. 

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