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EFI/Vutek are not just the world’s leading industrial large format printers but they are the only large format printers to be able to use the EFI Fiery Proserver for the operation of their printer.

The Fiery Pro Server is a custom built work station built to give optimum interaction with your EFI/Vutek printer. For other large format printers you need to use a third party rip like Onyx or Caldera on computer equipment you supply. The Fiery Pro Server features "FAST RIP" acceleration technology, up to 8 times faster than other rips, and RIP and print on demand functionality or the ability to print pre ripped-files at the printer interface. Using third part rips your printer does not achieve the quoted sqm printed in an hour that the manufacturer claims because your printer can be waiting for the files to be processed. With EFI/Vutek printers you will not be delayed and you will achieve the sqm/h promised. Fiery Pro Servers maximize print production profits by providing business insights, and keeping your print operation running smoothly and efficiently.  Proof-grade color controls and verification mean industry standard compliant color results — no matter what the application or product being produced. 100% EFI-developed color management using ICC technology, combined with sophisticated iterative spot and process color optimization routines deliver superior color. Its screening algorithms are engineered to maximize both print quality and printer performance, providing ultimate color, quality and control, in the least amount of time. The EFI Fiery Pro Server benefits from the fact EFI is one of the world leaders in providing print management and ripping solutions with software making up a significant part of their worldwide sales of over one billion US dollars a year. They provide solutions for all sorts of printing equipment from many different companies but in the area of large format printers where they manufacturer the EFI/Vutek range they only make the fiery solution available if you purchase EFI Vutek equipment. If you want to learn more about EFI Vutek, do not hesitate to contact your local Dynagraph Partner.

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