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The first ROLAND 900 Evolution in China goes to May Cheong Group

The May Cheong Group, a family-owned business established in 1967 by the Ngan brothers, is one of the top manufacturers of toys and replica cars, exporting and marketing its goods to 115 nations worldwide. They have offices in the USA, France, and Mainland China in addition to their headquarters in Hong Kong. Additionally, there are two factories in mainland China, one of which is a medium-sized full-range printing facility.

The group made a significant investment in completely automatic production equipment, according to Mr. Charles Ngan, the group's chairman, in order to optimize product packaging according to individual specifications and to accomplish on-time shipping. Everything is done in-house, including the creation of the shipping cartons and package design and printing.

The group made the decision to enhance its packaging printing capabilities by introducing a brand-new ROLAND 905 LV Evolution with 6B3 large format from Manroland in an effort to better fulfill the needs of sustained business growth. In the Chinese market, it would be the first ROLAND 900 Evolution. According to Mr. Charles Ngan, in the first quarter of 2019, the new press will be set up at their Shaoguan facility in the province of Guangdong.

"We are completely persuaded by the ROLAND 900 Evolution's market-proven print quality from Manroland, a company with more than seven decades of experience in large format printing. We will undoubtedly be able to improve the quality of our prints thanks to ROLAND 900 Evolution's larger format, faster production rate, quicker make-ready periods, and reduced waste.

The ROLAND 900 Evolution large format press for packaging and commercial printing comes with a wealth of cutting-edge automation technologies to deliver cost and energy savings for the printers along with ever-faster make-ready times. It bears all the hallmarks of innovation, productivity, and quality that have come to be synonymous with the Evolution name.

You can find out more about the attainable, Manroland’s Machine by clicking this link.

You can buy ROLAND 900 machine system from Dynagraph.


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