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Strong Partnership with Manroland to Promote Global Application of 3D Technologies

The company specialises in 3D packaging printing.

Longtime Manroland partner Push Group 3D Co Ltd of Yibin City, Sichuan Province, has installed a brand - new ROLAND 700 eight color Evolution press with coating and inline foiler to help realize its vision of becoming the worlds center for 3D packaging.

The Push Group, a sizable modern packaging printer that was established in November 2002 and is a member of the Wuliangye Group, was recognised as on of Sichuan's Top 100 Enterprises in 2021.

The company, which is based in Yibin City, the "first city along the Yangtze River," uses cutting edge packaging printing technologiesfrom Manroland that are among the best in the world. It specializes in deep processing of functional materials, 3D displays, composite packaging boxes, gold and silver cardboard, and special paper for holographic positioning.

Customers of Push Group 3D can purchase a variety of plastic lenticular sheets and plates for blister, printing, and optics applications, as well as 3D anti-counterfiet packaging, 3D stationary, 3D light box advertisements, naked eye 3D display terminals, and a full range of top notch customer services.

Mr Yang, Director of the company's 3D Business Department, commented on the launch of the new press in the following manner: "Since we started, we have been committed to the revitalization and development of the Chinese industry's 3D packaging and 3D vision, promoting the application of 3D technologies throughout the world and striveing to become the productivity, print quality, and finishing effects, the recently released ROLAND 700 Evolution is helping us realise our dream."

The ROLAND 700 Evolution, which boasts a number of cutting edge automation technologies, guarantees unmatched efficiency, productivity, and quality. It can print up to 18,200 sheets per hour with a premium print quality and extremely stable, consistent color to meet all the needs of 3D packaging. Additionally, ROLAND 700 Evolution is perfect for 3D printing on lenticular films because it has broad range of substrate thicknesses (0.04-1.0 mm).

The Automation Technologies of the ROLAND 700 Evolution Include:

Triple Flow delivers high color consistency throughout the entire print run with three distinct ink distributions available at the touch of a button, leading to significant waste reduction and lower production costs.

InlineFoiler 2.0. An innovative improvement method to satisfy market demands for print that is more imaginative, eye catching, and vibrant. Printers can cold foil and over print a complete color gamut inline with InlineFoiler on a variety of substrates in a single pass. This results in excellent printing effects and increased productivity when combined with delicate embossing effect, spot coatings, or varnishes.

For more information on ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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