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SOMA will conduct from the 16th till the 23rd of October at the K Show Dusseldorf Germany – Hall4, 4B21 – a daily live demonstration 12 – 4pm.

The primary challenge for printers has become short-runs, so the Optima was designed for easy job changeovers, print consistency and reduction in operating costs. The SOMA Optima is known as an exceptional, easy to operate flexo press for short runs, typically for mid web jobs such as wrap-around labels, shrink sleeves, sachets, various pouches, other food packaging, paper cups, paper sacks and wrappings. Many Optima presses are already in use throughout the world. But, as good as the Optima press is, there is always room for improvement. So, we’re launching the next-generation SOMA Optima flexo press. The first thing you will notice is that it is available in a larger size, with a maximum printing width of  1050 mm (41.3”), and length of 650 mm (25.6”). The Falcon II intelligent job set-up system has been helpful to minimize material waste and time by assessing the static print register marks. But, new to the Optima is that can be installed with the ARUN system for automatic job setting, a unique off-line solution that combines advantages of a plate mounter with fully automated device for plate topography and register measurement. The new ZERO METER waste set-up system also helps with short runs. The register and impression settings will no longer be a challenge. Just press the button and print. On press, the new generation Ink Cartridge is a unique tool that makes spot colour printing and the operational costs of clean-up as efficient as possible. It uses a minimal one litre and maximal five litres of ink in the inking loop, as short ink hoses significantly reduce residual ink for clean-up to minimum. The new Optima has improved ink pumping. The operator has information about the status of each pumping unit and can control some basic functions directly from the colour pumping area. Tied to this is the Ink Storm auto wash-up system that ensures perfect suction of residual ink from the complete inking system, thus minimizing ink waste generally associated with traditional automatic wash-up systems. Ink Storm washes the complete inking system. The system has several standard washing setups. The shortest washing cycle takes three minutes and consumes five litres of solvent. The new doctor blade chamber design makes changing blades and seals very simple and fast. It uses POSITEC, a patented, non-stick nano technology surface, developed in cooperation with the Research Institute of Materials and Czech Technical University in Prague. There is less surface tension, and chemical and wear resistance. Just like the original Optima, the press is easy to access with no need for steps or ladders. It still also has separate load and unload areas. This provides flexibility to customize at any time depending upon current market demands, and to implement added-value in-line features such as lamination, coatings, slitting, or perforation. Do you want to customize your press? SOMA makes it easy. You can build almost any combination of face-to-face single shaft-less, nonstop flying splice, or cantilevered flying splice winders. And, it offers a simple installation of upstream and downstream units. We have built even better print quality features into the new SOMA Optima. We have taken the Optima built-in ‘Advanced Bounce Control’ system and added it to the Optima. It minimizes ‘bounce’ at high press speeds to optimize print quality when using HD sleeves or Expanded Gamut Print technology. This advanced system includes brand new engineering and enhanced technical features such as composite mandrels, single block, cast iron print unit frames, innovative mandrel housings and a brand new positioning printing deck design. The robust printing cylinder support frames also provide optimum vibration damping for HD quality print. The three-fan drying system consisting of a between-deck drying loop and drying tunnel loop helps to dry ink quickly. Drying efficiency is maximized by our iDRY feature for optimal energy savings. A software upgrade can set the press to different drying performance levels for individual machine modes. The new-generation Optima provides precise tension control to individual web path zones in the machine, depending on the type of material being processed. The system is designed to process a wide range of substrates–perfect for the printer who processes a lot of different jobs. The new SOMA Press Monitoring system provides supervision and long-term efficiency and energy consumption of monitoring of Optima flexo press. It’s a secure, online system that allows remote management of the press from anywhere in the world. You can track a number of performance parameters—and it also provides the SOMA service team a way to troubleshoot any issues. To learn more about the next-generation SOMA Optima, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.  

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