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SOMA: Color Matching Challenge

Join the SOMA webinar to learn more about our latest color matching solution. Watch the DEMO of how we set ultra HD design in the required deltaE target.

The webinar will be held on December 14, for more information click here.

The event schedule will comprise:

1. DEMO- Color matching (15min)

2. Faster and easy way to achieve your color target, ColorConsulting (15 min)

3. Questions & Answers

Live demos:

Check the intelligent flexo press Optima2 8C video

Elevating Flexo Quality Standards:

· Gravure-like print quality

· Low dot gain, superior dot stability

· Real, smooth transitions to zero

· Fast and easy make-ready press time and color target matching

You can register for the SOMA Webinar on the following links:

You can find out more about the attainable, flexo presses Optima2 8c by clicking this link.

You can buy the Optima2 8c from Dynagraph.

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