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SHINING 3D Contributes to the China National Industry Standard of Metrology-grade Structure

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Early in 2022, the Calibration Specification for Optical 3D Measurement Systems Based on Structured Light Scanning, a significant development in the specification of digital metrology technology, was authorized by the Chinese State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR). This specification acts as both a production standard reference for Chinese measurement technology companies as well as the technological underpinning for the industry's discipline and guiding function.

Leading representative firms for metrology technology in the market, including well-known members of the metrology industry as GOM GmbH and Hexagon, participated in the development of this specification.

It is an honor for SHINING 3D, a renowned Chinese business creating its own industrial-grade optical 3D measurement technology, to take part in the development of this specification.

With the development of two main product lines—the High Accuracy Structure Light 3D Scanner and the Handheld 3D Scanner—for more than 18 years, SHINING 3D has continued to innovate in the field of digital measurement.

Structured light 3D inspection systems, such as the OptimScan 5M/5M Plus, are appropriate for applications needing high precision and precise details.

For companies with high demands for portability and broad material adaptability with high accuracy, FreeScan UE/UE Pro laser portable 3D scanners are suited.

For 3D scanning scenarios without the need for markers, the FreeScan Trak laser scanning system can be utilized to track and position the scanning head in real-time.

Batch precision items may be quickly and effectively scanned with the AutoScan Inspec automated desktop 3D inspection system.

Last but not least, the RobotScan automated 3D inspection system offers batch 3D inspection solutions and can be tailored for a variety of manufacturing lines.

In the future, SHINING 3D will continue to provide customers with superior 3D scanning technology while also advancing the digital measurement sector and advancing intelligent manufacturing through ongoing innovation and development.

For more information on Shining3D solution, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.


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