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Revolutionizing Print Production: RD 115G Unveils Innovative Gear-Driven Design

The RD 115G, a groundbreaking gear-driven machine that redefines print production efficiency.

Redesigned Excellence:

Built upon the robust foundation of the servo machine, the RD 115G boasts a complete redesign, incorporating a solid cast construction for enhanced durability. Operating at an impressive speed of up to 12,000 cycles per hour, this open/close machine stands out with its forward-looking features.

Hybrid Innovation:

The RD 115G stands as a hybrid marvel, integrating an innovative gear drive and automatic adjustments for optimal operator support. Additional drives in the die-cutting area and the creasing and slitting unit ensure these processes don't compromise the printed image, creating a seamless production workflow.

Compact Efficiency:

Featuring significantly more compact printing units compared to the servo version, the RD 115G is a space-saving powerhouse. Its streamlined design maximizes efficiency without compromising on performance.

Versatile Production Options:

Equipped with standard modules, the RD 115G offers a wide range of production options, including Bottom Flexo units, Top Flexo units for inside printing in one pass, Creasing and Slitting units, and Die-Cutting units. Extension modules for feeders and printing units further enhance its versatility.

Smart Stacking Solutions:

For optimum net output, the RD 115G can be coupled with a KOLBUS stacker, such as the RDB 115S Bundle stacker. Alternatively, users can opt for the flexible RDM 115S Multi stacker, ideal for bundle output or direct stacking on pallets, providing tailored solutions to diverse production needs.

For more information, please contact our local Dynagraph representative.

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