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Print Studio One Increases Capacity & Expands Offering with Kongsberg Digital Finishing System

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

To increase production and broaden its product offering, design, and print specialist Print Studio One has invested in the most recent digital finishing technology from Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems ('Kongsberg PCS').

In order to increase throughput and meet rising demand at its facility in Steinbach, the Manitoba-based company, along with sister company Three-Six North Marketing, installed a new Kongsberg X24 Edge cutting table and a variety of cutting-edge tooling.

Tim Penner, Partner - Operations, stated that "Print Studio One and Three-Six North Marketing partner with clients to build their brands across physical and digital platforms, ultimately connecting people to their products and services." Tim co-runs the family business with his brother Matt, which their parents Dave and Lois first bought nearly 20 years ago.

On the production side, we specialize in print, signage, and vehicle decals, and we also develop and provide digital services and design all under one roof, according to Tim. We realized we needed to make cuts faster without sacrificing quality or accuracy as we continued to expand our offering, such as with the introduction of new packaging products, and that's what brought us to the Kongsberg table.

The X24 Edge gives Print Studio One access to tried-and-true Kongsberg productivity, flexibility, and best-in-class reliability, according to Vince Tuccitto, Kongsberg PCS Territory Sales Manager for Eastern Canada.

Vince said, "From kiss cutting vinyl to heavy duty milling, the Kongsberg X24 Edge can easily handle the full spectrum of display, signage, and packaging materials. With all the X-Series options available, there is no compromise in machine configuration, and perhaps most importantly, the X Edge can develop to keep up with the changing requirements of Print Studio One.

Vince stated that the cutting table is "packed with specialty tools, handles a wide range of applications, and offers speed, power and the flexibility to add new tools for new materials, new applications, or more capacity." This means that, as Print Studio One has done, a company can increase volume and expand into new market segments.

A 3KW router, a variety of tool options, including packaging and creasing tools as well as vinyl kiss cutting tooling, have been added to the new Kongsberg X24. "Quality is one of our core values, and it's something our clients have come to expect from us, so the ability to deliver quality results in a faster time is crucial for a business like ours," said Tim Penner. "The ease of use is a factor in that, and we have seen significant increases in productivity and overall efficiency.

By being able to complete a wider variety of jobs more quickly, he added, "we have been able to expand our offering and, by thinking outside the box, attract new opportunities." We think that all businesses should have access to first-rate, full-service marketing support and that they should see business as more than just a way to turn a profit; it's also a chance to change the world. The Kongsberg X24 will enable our company to carry on changing the world.

For more information on KONGSBERG MACHINE, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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