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Perfectly Equipped for Emergency with the EinScan HX

A commercial vehicle company with a focus on ambulance, patient transport, and emergency vehicles is System Strobel. Their primary offerings are classic box body designs, vans, and sedans that have been modified, as well as various specialized utility vehicles. Every vehicle is hand-designed and made in-house, with the exception of the motorization and power train. Paramedics, aid organizations, fire departments, and police agencies all across the world can purchase System Strobel goods.

The company's DNA includes practically all production steps being completed by traditional handwork. Innovation and digitalization, however, are crucial components of their progress while remaining faithful to their roots. Since each vehicle is unique and custom-made for each client's unique needs, the design department recently upgraded to an EinScan HX, which they utilize to streamline the design and engineering process.

Customizing an Audi A6 as an Emergency Vehicle

We'll look at the interior base design of this brand-new Audi A6 as an example. Once finished, this car will transport an emergency response team, including a driver who is an EMT and a passenger who is an emergency physician, along with other supplies. ERTs are sent to accidents where a patient has a severe, potentially fatal injury along with an ambulance. It serves as the doctor's primary mode of transportation, but it also holds a sizeable amount of specialty equipment that must be safely housed while simultaneously being readily available and usable in a demanding working environment.

The trunk has a stainless-steel rail-based superstructure separated into numerous heavy-duty drawers and containers, making it the most significant portion of the storage compartment.

EinScan HX: the game-changer

Previously, an engineer would manually measure the entire trunk using a variety of measuring instruments in order to reconstruct it digitally before constructing the superstructure. a labor-intensive, error-prone activity that takes a lot of time.

For System Strobel, the EinScan HX has changed the game because it significantly improves measurement accuracy and cuts down on the time needed to gather and record all pertinent details about the trunk. Let's look at how the EinScan HX works to customize the trunk.

The production line and the 3D scanning process are both taking place simultaneously. A moving cart with a 3D scanner and notebook is provided for convenience. Markers are adhered to the most important places of the trunk to prepare it. Laser Scan Mode is chosen due to the extremely dark surface and for optimum precision. 0.05 mm is the resolution setting. While 3D scanning, adjustments are made on the spot, such as brightness. The EinScan HX's 3D scanning technology does away with the need for reconstruction while also producing a blueprint for future measuring tasks.

The entire trunk is 3D-scanned, and the data is then analyzed and exported locally. With the help of Geomagic Essentials, the point cloud is post-processed before being exported as a STEP-File and combined with the CAD software.

The 3D Design can begin as soon as you return to the office. Working with the Scan Data has the benefit of allowing for the quicker and more accurate production of fasteners with unusual shapes.

After the blueprints are completed, the components are engineered and installed in-house.

Due to the EinScan HX's unmatched versatility and favorable price/performance ratio, System Strobel chose it. Through its neighboring EMEA office, SHINING 3D is able to provide quick and dependable service. By utilizing EinScan, System Strobel is able to enhance and digitize their workflow while maintaining the integrity of their craftsmanship for the best-possible vehicles and equipment that consistently saves lives.

For more information on SHINING 3D solution, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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