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Objex Unlimited: 3D Printing Service Bureau & Array

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Objex Unlimited was established in 2011 and centered on a range of 3D printing and production services. Objex aims to be a one-stop shop for all things 3D printing, including printing, scanning, finishing, and even the sale of equipment. This includes advanced 3D scanning, product development, laser sintering, multijet printing, and stereolithography in addition to FFF and rapid prototyping. With the help of a highly qualified team of engineers, artists, and project managers, founder Steve Cory also hopes to deliver a level of customer service that is unmatched. He also wants to offer the best option for almost any customer need.

The Challenge

Since the implementation of Array and Element isn't just addressing a specific production workflow or product, it's also addressing a number of other pain-points that are connected to large-scale 3D printing, Objex's challenge for Mosaic was slightly different than that of RockMass or Athletic Knit. The cost-to-print and uptime requirements of Steve's current production systems were two of the biggest problems. Since the former scenario involved proprietary materials that were also prohibitively expensive, Objex found it challenging to accept some print jobs that would have made use of some of the newer, more sophisticated materials. Additionally, redundancy and the capacity to run identical print jobs simultaneously are crucial functional requirements for a 3D service provider like Objex.

In the latter scenario, operator availability directly correlated with machine up-time. As these legacy machines lack automation, remote job management, and calibration, and would need a much higher level of operator attention in order to run, there was little to no flexibility when managing print files. In the end, this has an impact on both the operator and the customer and goes against the Objex tenet of using cutting-edge 3Dp solutions to tackle a customer's most difficult challenges.

The Solution

Objex turned to the team at Mosaic and the Array 3D production system to address the issues because it was clear that it would check many of those crucial boxes.

Objex would be able to print redundantly on what is essentially a single machine by utilizing Array's core automation features, and they would also be able to remotely manage and queue these jobs without the need for an operator to be present. A potential continuous run-time of more than 72 hours is made possible by the integrated storage cart and bed changeover, giving founder Steve the ideal weekend.

Element and Array can both be controlled remotely by Canvas using an internet connection.

"...the array's flexibility allows us to accept an order for PETG, Nylon, and Ultem parts and produce them all overnight on a single piece of machinery."

They would then be able to accept print jobs that they might have been priced out of when using their current machines that rely on expensive materials because of material flexibility and Array's significantly lower total cost per print. In addition to enabling them to handle more jobs, this would also enable them to scale with rising print demand because, as we've seen in our TCPP Report, printing in large quantities with Array results in longer-term cost savings.

The Future

"Working with the team at Mosaic Manufacturing has been really exciting, and they really remind me of the people here at Objex Unlimited. Everyone is highly motivated, enthusiastic, intelligent, and pushing this industry forward.

Steve and his team at Objex Unlimited are eager to get their hands on a production model later in 2022 after receiving an initial look at both Element and Array and collaborating closely with the Mosaic Solutions team. They are eager to see how both products can help address some of the pain points they have identified in their current lineup of machines because they have a promising list of prospects that fit their high-voluming 3D printing workflow. As Mosaic Solutions shares Objex's mission of making customer ideals matter, being able to print in materials like PEEK, PEKK, and Ultem 9085 would also enable Objex to speak directly to the needs of industrial clients.

For more information on Mosaic Manufacturing, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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