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Next Generation of Venus III.2 and Venus III.2-Turret

The following generation of SOMA's popular slitters, Venus III.2 and Venus III.2-Turret, are now available for purchase. With more speed and a bigger rewind roll diameter, SOMA improves the slitters' performance criteria.

Top-of-the-line, high-performance servo-driven slitters, the SOMA Venus III.2 and Venus III.2-Turret provide printers and converters with optimal efficiency at high speeds with a variety of substrates. They may work with a variety of substrates, such as laminates, paper, PET, PP, LDPE, and HDPE. In the case of the Venus III.2, they are made with a web width of 1350/1600/1850 mm (53.1/63/72.8 inches) and a top speed of up to 850m/min (2789 ft/min). The Venus III.2-Turret may be preferred by larger converting organizations looking for multiple slitting of medium diameter rolls with the maximum level of automation and productivity.

Tenzomat III.2 tension control system is present on both slitters. Throughout the entire operating cycle, the technology provides exact unwind and rewind tension control in a closed loop. The Venus III.2 slitters can thus slit extremely thin and challenging substrates. There are two ways the Tenzomat III.2 system can function. One is based on preferred tension; in which case the system automatically modifies the speed to get the highest tension. For applications, such as pressure-sensitive and diaper substrates, the Tenzomat III.2 system automatically regulates the tension to attain the appropriate speed. This method is based on a maximum speed preference.

A family of extraordinary SOMA slitters is known as the Venus. They are connected by a single electronic system that offers precise control, improved safety, and better effectiveness with energy savings. With automatic knife/blade placement to provide rapid and precise knife settings and automatic laser core guidance to ensure precise and incredibly quick core setups for new tasks, Venus’s slitters deliver excellent productivity. A variety of handling systems are available to make the operator's job as simple as possible.

With an overhead web route appropriate for pharmaceutical and food packing, where strict hygiene and clean room standards are required, Venus’s slitters are exceptionally safe to use. The machine is operated by several control panels, including a portable control panel for loading parent rolls and two touch screen panels for rewinding and slitting.

"Venus’s slitters have enjoyed tremendous success all over the world. Short runs and quick changeovers are made simple by its automated features, according to SOMA Marketing Director Petr Blako. We think that the Venus III.2 and Venus III.2-Turret slitters in this latest generation perform even more effectively and at faster speeds.

You can find out more about the attainable, SOMA flexo presses by clicking this link.

You can buy SOMA flexo presses from Dynagraph.


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