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New Readyprint™ High Performance Filaments Reduce Complexities of Open Material Printing

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

The introduction of their new line of high-performance materials was announced by AON3D, a pioneer in high temperature additive manufacturing solutions. According to Kevin Han, chief product officer and co-founder of AON3D, "AON3D ReadyprintTM Filaments are industrial-grade materials optimized for out-of-the-box printing." To get high-quality results with high performance materials, "our goal is to remove the hassles of sourcing, conditioning, and tuning process parameters."

The Complexities of Open Material Industrial Systems

AON3D has dedicated itself to bringing a genuine open material ethos to industrial 3D printing ever since its founding in 2018. Their brand-new ReadyprintTM Filaments will simplify industrial open material printing without restricting configurability or charging exorbitant open material license fees. Finding reputable suppliers, drying materials when they arrive, sometimes delegating a six-hour process to customers, and developing process parameters can all result in days or even weeks of lost productivity.

Readyprint™ Makes Open Industrial a Seamless Experience

The high-quality suppliers of ReadyprintTM filaments use strict quality control procedures. The materials are packaged and given additional factory drying so that they are print-ready right out of the box. Last but not least, pre-configured process parameters give engineers a place to start as they further optimize for desired properties like strength, print quality, print speed, lightweighting, minimizing post-processing, and more. Options for ReadyprintTM filament include:

· ABS, ESD ABS, and Carbon Fiber ABS



· PC

· PEI 9085

· Amorphous PEKK


· PETG and Carbon Fiber PETG

· TPU 92A

AON3D X Kimya Collaboration

The new line of ReadyprintTM Filaments from AON3D is the result of a partnership with Kimya, a company that creates materials with many of the largest chemical companies in the world, including Arkema, Solvay, and Sabic. "We are proud to start this partnership with AON3D to propose this optimized package with engineered filaments for industrial printers," says Benoit Stoeux, CEO of Kimya. With the AON3D platform, this aims to increase access to high-performance polymers.

For more information on AON3D, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.


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